Monday, January 14, 2013

Pondering the American Dream

It's been almost a year since I've blogged. Since then I've gotten addicted to Facebook and Pinterest and watched politics on Twitter. Blogging takes more work. But I'm back. I think.

I'm pondering the American dream right now. I have had the husband (died), the big beautiful house (lost it to taxes), three children (Thank God, they're healthy, grown, and mostly gone), the dogs (dead and not allowed where I live). So what do I do now? Live out my other dream? That dream is the one where I travel around the world and write about it, search for ancestors in libraries and archives and write about it. I actually can afford to do that right now, so what's stopping me? Me.

Having no real encumbrances is great in theory. It also means I have no home to call my own nor a man who cares if I come and go. There is a part of me that keeps yearning for a home, a man and a dog to make my life perfect. And if I had that, then I would dream of traveling around the world. Kind of stupid or just unrealistic to think I can have it all. I know some people do but I'm sure they dream about greener grass too.

Therefore I will do what I know I can and keep dreaming. Who knows, it could happen. Dreams do come true occasionally and prayers do get answered definitely.


Steve Dalton said...

Welcome back to blogging

Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

A thoughtful post. I wasn't going to comment but it stuck with me so I returned.

I'd like to think that we can have it all. I'll let'cha know if that happens. ;)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, you guys, for your comments. So often I feel like a lone tree falling in a forest.